500+ Words Essay on Morning Walk For Student

Morning Walk is a very good exercise. Morning walk is important and suitable for people of all ages. So, here is a brief essay on Morning Walk for all levels of students.

Writing Morning Walk Essay 500 Words:


Some people go for a walk in the morning to breathe in fresh and pure air. A walk in the morning time refreshes the mind and improves health. It is good for both body and mind.

Morning Walk Purpose:

Morning walks for different purposes: People take morning walks for various purposes. Some go for walks for pleasure, some for health, some for enjoying the morning beauty, and some for refreshment. For some, a walk in the morning is a hobby.

Who can go for a morning walk:-

Only those people who get up early in the morning can go out for a morning walk. It is not easy to get up early in the morning, particularly during the winter season, because of their addiction to watching late-night T.V. programs. But for those, who have formed their habit of early rising, can go out for a morning walk easily and without fail.

The scenes that can be seen in the morning: A man going out for a morning walk can enjoy some fresh and lively scenes. A man taking his morning walk along the riverside can enjoy the morning view of the river water. Some can enjoy the green view of the fields they walk on. In towns and cities, people walk on the roads in the early morning or can go to the public parks where they can enjoy the fresh air. While walking through the fields, they can enjoy the beautiful morning scenery of nature.

Besides, the morning walkers meet different types of people from children to the aged. They meet some sportspersons, doctors, sick people, old people walking with the help of their sticks and rushing of some other people going out for their morning duties.

Benefits of Morning Walk:-

Walking in the morning is the best form of exercise that is suitable for all age groups. It is a light exercise but highly beneficial for physical fitness. A morning walker can get cured from many kinds of diseases. As it is done in the pollution-free environment, it provides the best scope to breathe in the fresh air. It is good for blood circulation in the body. The doctors always stress on the importance of the morning walk. It lessens the excess fat of the body. Gandhi had the habit of taking long walks in the open air till his old constitution. age. Those walks gave him a fairly hard

Why I go out for a morning walk:-

I regularly take a walk in the morning. After getting up early in the morning, I feel drowsy and the morning walk gives me the freshness and stamina to read my lessons. I have also guessed that the morning walk has not only improved my physical fitness but also my memory power. So, I never give up to walk in the morning even in adverse weather.


A morning walk is just like food for our body. It helps us in keeping a sound body, which is very essential for a sound mind. So, none of us should miss a morning walk. For that, we must follow Maxim, “Early to bed and early to rise“.

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