Write an Essay on My Study about 400 words

Essay on My Study: My study is a very common essay for students of the State Board and CBSE. Every student needs to know how to write an essay. Here is an example of how to write an Essay on My Study. If you are a student, it will be helpful to you.

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400-word Essay on My Study

Essay on My Study
Essay on My Study


The study is the process of gaining knowledge of a subject, especially from books. It is the act of giving time and attention to learning about something by reading or attending a university. The study is essential for every human being to acquire knowledge.

Time of my study:-

I am not bound by a fixed routine for my study. Most of my study takes place haphazardly. But I am very conscious of the total time that I spend on my studies. My total study time must be at least ten hours every day. I study whenever I get time. Yet, I never miss my fixed time of study in the morning and evening. As I get up early in the morning I study for four hours in the morning shift. In the evening, I study up to 11 p.m. On Sundays and holidays, the time I study increases by one or two hours

Subjects of my Study:-

As I am a student of the tenth standard, I study the subjects that are prescribed for our course. The subjects that I have to study are English, Assamese, General Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, and Advanced Mathematics.

I study all these subjects at school and at home also. I am fond of all my subjects of study. I always try my heart and soul to perform my best in the examination. For that, I have to study some other books as references. I acquire some extra knowledge by reading reference books on each subject.

However, above all, sometimes, I study some other books. They generally include the biographies of some noble figures of the past and present world. I take encouragement and inspiration from reading them. Among them, the life history of Abraham Lincoln and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is worthy to be mentioned. I have been greatly impressed by their lifestyle, activities, and their self-determination.

Benefits from my study:-

The only way to acquire bookish knowledge is to study. The study makes a man knowledgeable. The study of different books and subjects gives different types of benefits and experiences. The benefits derived from the study can only be realized but not be counted. I have already acquired a piece of vast knowledge from my study of different subjects.


The study of books acquaints the readers with the outer world. Only proper study helps in making one’s career great and bright. So, the study should be done only to serve its true purpose.

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