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Natural Resources of Assam Essay: Assam is a land full of natural resources. Natural Resources of Assam is one of the common essays in the Assam board exam. If you are looking for an essay on the natural resources of Assam, this article is for you.

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Essay on Natural Resources of Assam


We, the people of Assam may be poor. We may not get adequate food to eat but we be can not blame our motherland for it, on the contrary, we the issues of the state, are responsible for it. It is because gold and mines are spread lying in front of our doors but we have not learned to collect them for our use. Assam is a land full of natural resources. It is rich in various kinds of resources that we may acquire from her womb.

Kinds of natural resources found in Assam:-

In Assam, we find various kinds of natural resources which may be broadly classified into three kinds. They are Forest Resources, Mineral Resources, and Water Resources.

Forest Resources:-

Assam is a land of hills and forests. Both hills and forests of Assam are filled with many kinds of wood, trees, herbs, etc. we find sal, oak, gameri, bonsom, etc. in the forests of Assam. All are valuable wood or timber. Various kinds of beautifully designed furniture are made of them. Many herbs that are found in the forest are used for medicinal purposes. Again many priceless wild animals and birds are also available in the forest of Assam. Elephants, Rhinos, Deer, Tigers, Peacocks, etc. are found abundantly in the forest. They magnify the forest’s beauty. Besides, the tusks of elephants and horns of rhinos are precious

Mineral Resources:-

Assam is rich in mineral resources also. The important mineral resource of Assam is crude oil or petroleum. Petroleum has been discovered at Digboi, Naharkatia, Moran, Geleki, Lakua, Hugrijan, and Rudrasagar of Upper Assam. For the refinement of oil, the refineries of Digboi, Noonmati, and Numaligarh have been established. Besides, there are a Petrochemical Complex at Bongaigaon and an oil and Natural Gas Commission at Duliajan. Coalmine, Lime Stone, and Cement are also found in abundance in Assam. Moreover, there is a lot of information about the mineral resources of Assam still to be discovered.

Water Resources:-

Assam is by no means a poor state in its natural resources. Assam is very in water resources also. There are many rivers and their rich tributaries in Assam. Among them, the Brahmaputra is the biggest. Most of the rivers are used for water transportation. Heavy goods and machinery are transported with the help of ships or boats. The rivers are full of fish. People gain economically by selling them.


It is quite true that Assam is not a poor state on the basis of the wealth that she possesses. But all the resources of Assam have not been developed yet and people have not been able to utilize them because of their lack of knowledge and interest. If all the resources are utilized up to the mark, Assam will be a land of gold. Surpassing all other states of India, Assam will be the richest one.

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