Write 300-word Essay on The Book Fair in English

The Book Fair Essay: The Bookfair is an exhibition of books where books are sold by the writers and purchased by the readers. This is an important event for students. Here is the Essay on The Book fair.


Books are the priceless treasure of human life. They are the witness of human civilization. Since people learned how to read and write, books have influenced their life to a large extent. So a book fair is the fair dissemination of knowledge. It is the get-together of writers, readers, and publishers. Writers write books, publishers publish them and readers enjoy reading them.

Various book fairs of the world:-

Books are exchanged at book fairs. Different types of books are available at book fairs. Readers can have their books as per their purposes and tastes. Book fairs are held on a large scale in many countries of the world. Books are sold in abundance in such book fairs. Books fairs are held in Mosco, Cairo, London, Ankara, Manila, Berlin, etc. once or twice a year. India also takes part in them.

Book fairs of India:-

Book fairs are held in India too. India’s position in the field of publishing books is fifth in the world. Book fairs have been regularly held in India since the 20th century. Book fairs are held in Kerala, West Bengal, Tripura, Meghalaya, and Assam every year. These book fairs have achieved popularity on a large scale. In this regard, the National Book Trust has helped to a large extent.

Book fairs of Assam:-

The first book fair of Assam was held at Nehrubali in the district of Nagaon in 1978. Book fairs are held in Assam with the Adhibeshan of Assam Sahitya Sabha. The first formal book fair was held in Guwahati on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of Assam Publishing Council in 1984. Nowadays also every year in the month of December such book fairs are held in Guwahati. Besides Guwahati, book fairs are held in Jorhat, Sivasagar, Barpeta, Bongaigaon, Tezpur, Golaghat, etc.

Other attractions of book fairs:- nowadays book fairs draw the attraction of people in some other ways. Some other attractive programs are also observed at book fairs. Some distinguished guests of literature adorn the book fairs with their valuable discussions. Sometimes debate competitions are also arranged. Moreover, some cultural programs are also celebrated to entertain the people who visit book fairs.


Book fairs are the fairs for spreading learning and knowledge. Such fairs should be frequently held to inspire the readers as well as the writers. The readers of today get inspiration to become the authors of great books of tomorrow through book fairs.

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