Essay on The Newspaper in English 500 words

Dear student, Essay is one of the most common questions in any exam for classes 1 to 12. It has been observed that some common essays are frequently asked on many exams like HSLC, and HS examinations every year. Essay on The Newspaper is one of the most common essays among them. If you searching for newspaper essay writing in English then this article is for you.

Essay on The NEWSPAPER

Write an Essay on The Newspaper 500 words

Today I am going to write an Essay on The Newspaper 500 words for you. I think this post will help you and will be able to bring smile faces in exams. You will be able to write easily at least an essay on newspaper 300 words.

Essay on The Newspaper:

Introduction:- Newspapers present us the daily records of events happening all over the world. They unfold the story of the world to us. Newspapers play the role of a great messenger who knocks at the door to deliver messages. They are one of the most reliable sources of human civilization.

What they are:- The newspaper is a printed publication, issued usually daily or weekly with news, advertisements etc. Newspapers provide various uses and satisfy the need of different people. The main motto of the newspaper is to circulate news or message of all kinds of facts and events happening in the nook and corner of the world.

The brief history:-The origin of the newspapers goes back to the country which invented the printing press for the first time in the world. China was the first country to publish a newspaper. The first newspaper ‘The Gazette’ was published in the city of Venice. In India, the first newspaper “The India Gazette’ was published. ‘Arunodoi‘ was the first Assamese newspaper published by the American Baptist Missionaries in 1846. Nowadays, innumerous newspapers are being published all over the world in their various forms.

Kinds: Newspapers are mainly of two kinds. They are daily newspapers and magazines.

Daily newspapers convey the messages of the current happenings in the world. On the other hand, magazines, besides giving the contemporary news, contain some stories, interviews, critical essays on important problems etc. Moreover, there are some newspapers and magazines, which are published half-weekly, weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.

Good Effects:- Newspapers are the mirror of human society. We can know almost everything about the world by going through the morning newspapers. The news of the whole world is had off by sitting in our drawing room or by sleeping in our bedroom. Newspapers reflect the present scenario of the world in all its manifestations.

We know the achievements of education, science and technology and the news of sports by reading newspapers. Newspapers serve a great purpose for businessmen by presenting advertisements for their new products. After all, the newspaper is a great source of knowledge for mankind when they are published with true news and without bias.

Evil Effects:- Sometimes newspapers become the bane of mankind when they are served with some false news. Publication of some untrue and biased news by some wicked people causes harm to society. Some biased political and communal news and views published in newspapers create some unfriendly and heinous situations among peaceful people. So, the evils of reading the newspaper can’t be denied.

Conclusion:- Newspapers are called the people’s parliament always in session. So, the first and foremost caution taken by the publishers should be to publish true and neutral news. They should never forget the educative value of newspapers. Only true and unbias newspapers can help people live in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere.

Wrapping up

Finally, I hope that students and exam candidates will be benefitted from my tiny effort. This article will help you to write a newspaper essay in English 250 words. For more details about Newspaper, you can read also Wikipedia


  1. What is the importance of newspaper?

Ans: The newspaper is one of the oldest ways of communication. It is the most authentic and reliable source of information. The Newspaper is an important prerequisite for democracy also.

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