ESSAY ON HOW TO KEEP GOOD HEALTH: ‘Health is wealth‘ -The proverb means good health is the real treasure. Healthy people can achieve anything he wants in life. An essay on Good health is an important essay for students.

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Essay on How to Keep Healthy

“A sound mind lives in a sound body”.

Health is Wealth:- The most precious possession of a man’s life is his health. A man in good health is happier than an emperor in bad health. He may possess all he needs but he does not get peace of mind. But a poor beggar in sound health enjoys the best of his life. Not only that but good health is the first and foremost need of a person for his achievements during his lifetime.

The things necessary for good health:-

Good health is the sum total of various constituents which includes good food, regular habits, cleanliness, exercise, sufficient rest after work, etc.

Food plays the most important role in keeping good health. Only balanced food helps in the growth of our body. When we become physically strong, the germs can’t attack us. Regular food habits should strongly be maintained for the proper functioning of the organs of our body. Meat, fish, milk, and green vegetables should be taken in the right proportion.

Maintaining extreme cleanliness is very essential for us. As it is known to all that dirt is the breeding place for germs, we must keep our environment clean. Otherwise, germs will attack us and make us ill. Proper exercises should also be taken to keep our bodies fit. Exercises help in blood circulation and strengthen the nerves. A morning walk is the best form of exercise that gives freshness to our body and mind. Excessive work also causes harm to our bodies. So, sufficient rest after work should be taken. Every rest after work enhances us to work further. So, adequate rest and due sleep are very necessary to keep ourselves physically fit.

What I do to keep my health good:-

Good health is the key to success. Talent without good health is the body without a soul. So, I am very conscious about my health. As a student, I must be healthy unless the mission of my life will remain unfulfilled. So, I am very careful about taking my food, doing exercises, and performing my work. Besides reading, I take regular exercises and play some outdoor games to keep my health good.

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